Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I Will Not Let His Win Defeat Me

Eight years ago I was inspired by hope and shed tears of joyous astonishment.

Today I woke up with the headache that I fear will not go away for the next four years.

I join the many people who are looking for what to say to their children. How to explain the unexplainable. How to make sense of the how. How could someone of such questionable character be elected, someone who is the opposite of everything I am trying to raise them to value? The only answer I can find as the dust settles is that I will not let his win defeat me.

Though I am terrified, I will not act out of fear.
Though I am baffled, I will not resort to blame.
Though I feel shame, I will fight to find forgiveness.
Though I am offended, I will not succumb to bitterness.
Though I am disgusted, I will not forget my humanity.
Though I am heartbroken, I will still lead with my heart.
Though I am angry, I will not give in to cynicism.
Though I feel defeated, I will not submit to resignation.

I will disagree.
I will show up.
I will lean into the difficult.
I will be human and humane.
I will get off of the couch and down from my high horse.
I will focus on what I can do, dream and dare.

And I will do it with my friends by my side, optimism at full blast and some extra chocolate in my pocket.

And in the words of the great Lin Manuel Miranda:

Let's go.