Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Dear Husband,

It is Father’s Day and there are some things I need you to know.

You are not perfect.

After 15 years of parenting, you still call me at work to ask what you should make the kids for dinner.

You wrestle them before they go to bed.

You sometimes lead the burping and farting brigade.

You wouldn’t know their schedule unless I tattooed it to your Ipad.

You sometimes expect the impossible.

You still leave your dirty underwear on the floor right next to the hamper.

No, you are not perfect.


You did change their diapers.

You lost sleep over deciding the best batting order when you coached their teams.

You read to them at night.

You taught them how to shave.

You sometimes lead the burping and farting brigade.

You take them fishing.

You make them laugh.

You laugh at their jokes.

You cheer for them at games, loudly; you applaud for them at concerts, loudly; and you encourage them to do all their homework, loudly.

You introduced them to Fawlty Towers, Mel Brooks and Caddy Shack.

You work at a job you love to show them that such a thing is possible.

You drive them everywhere.

You make them toasted cheese sandwiches.

You let them fail.

You are a fierce and mighty advocate.

You try to remember all the Pokemon names and powers.

You sometimes expect the impossible.

No, you are not perfect…

But your love for them is.

And though we will continue to stumble on the “How,” and we may sometimes question “Why,” there is no question that you are the perfect father for them.

Happy Father’s Day.

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